devletics UG (limited liability), Weintrautstrasse 30, 35039 Marburg, operates an online platform “EINFACH KICKEN” via mobile app and on its websites. The most important functions include organizing a wide variety of football meetings, finding new teammates and selling football offers.

EINFACH KICKEN is not an organizer, but merely a platform for networking and organization as well as a marketplace for football offers. The organizers, creators and participants are responsible for ensuring that their events are carried out properly and in accordance with applicable laws. EINFACH KICKEN can still appear as an organizer in the app, which is then clearly visible.

Basic values and behavior

EINFACH KICKEN stands for fairness, trust and cohesion. Users are obliged to always behave fairly, respectfully and in a sporting manner. Furthermore, users are encouraged to integrate external groups and players into their game at the venue. There is no entitlement to a guaranteed game on public football pitches.

Personal information

When registering, every user is obliged to provide their correct full name and date of birth. This is needed to prevent misuse of the app. EINFACH KICKEN uses this and other voluntarily entered information from user profiles such as preferred times, level, position, etc. for the matchmaking function. Here, users are suggested to other users as potentially suitable players in a joint appointment.

You can find further information about your data in the data protection declaration (https://einfachkicken.com/privacy).


By uploading images to the EINFACH KICKEN app, the user guarantees that they are not violating any licenses and that they own the right to that image. Users acknowledge that EINFACH KICKEN may use and reproduce user-generated content for advertising purposes. Furthermore, users agree that sound and image recordings of games for which they are registered in the EINFACH KICKEN app may be made and may be used and reproduced by EINFACH KICKEN for advertising purposes. EINFACH KICKEN will inform participants of such games in advance about what is happening.

Consequences of misuse

Any form of abuse, manipulation, spam and deception is strictly prohibited. EINFACH KICKEN reserves the right to irrevocably delete user accounts in the event of a violation of the terms of use or to temporarily block them if there is acute suspicion. The user agrees to use the functions of EINFACH KICKEN to the best of his knowledge and belief and not to misappropriate or exploit them. Any security gaps that occur unexpectedly must be reported by the user immediately by email to support@einfachkicken.com.

Changes to the Terms of Use

There may be occasions when we need to make adjustments to our Terms of Use for legitimate reasons. If such changes occur, we will give you reasonable advance notice. This can be done, for example, by displaying a clear message, sending an email or obtaining your consent within the app. If you do not object to the proposed changes in writing by email to info@einfachkicken.com within 30 days, they will be deemed accepted.

Account deletion

Users can have their account and data deleted at any time. To do this, please send an email to support@einfachkicken.com.